Increasing our commitment to the Australian aged care scene

Sep 16, 2021 | ExSitu News

Things in the Australian aged care scene are heating up. And with it, so is ExSitu’s commitment to creating a supportive and connected Australian aged care community.

We’ve got some amazing news to share with you all about our various adventures. And some great places for you to check out if you want to stay informed about the changes in the scene.

Here’s the latest and greatest from the ExSitu side of the Australian aged care scene

Moderating the industry talk

If you take personal care, healthcare innovation and core values, what do you get? Not just something that is a hot topic in the Australian aged care scene. It’s also the chance to discuss their impact in earnest.

That’s why we were absolutely thrilled to Join Jen Horonjeff – “Ask Patients” from Savvy Cooperative, Julia Walsh from Brand Medicine International, Ken Saman from Personify Care to for a special topic Talking HealthTech Spring Summit on the 16th of September.

An illustration of The Taking HealthTech event from the ask patients talk for the Australian aged care scene.

The topic is: Finding A Voice: Patient Advocacy

The voice of the patient needs to be heard now more than ever. In this session we explore how patients can actively participate in their own health-journey and how the healthcare system can support it.

Being able to speak for yourself as a patient in any form of medicalised environment can make all the difference. Often, patients feel the pressure of authority or fear cloud their ability to articulate what it is they need at any given time. This means treatments may not suit, wishes could be neglected and even vital information about symptoms, pain levels and the patient themselves may be absent.

Check out the full line up for the event, and get your ticket.

Voices in the Australian aged care scene

One of the most empowering things about being a part of the Australian aged care community right now is how many different places are coming together. It’s as though the Australian aged care scene is picking up patches, we hand stitch to improve the lives of everyday Australians. And then we meet to come together with our respective patches to create a giant quilt.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our very own Rebecca Glover has been named as a LASA Next Gen Ambassador!

Along with other amazing innovators, clinicians, advocates, leaders and role models, Rebecca will be actively involved in discussions affecting the future of the age services sector.

LASA Next Gen Ambassadors are

  • Young age service professionals and role models
  • Clinical and non-clinical professionals working across a variety of leadership roles
  • Passionate and seek to be actively involved in discussions affecting the future of the age services sector

What do LASA Next Gen Ambassadors do?

  • Regularly attend meetings and support LASA Next Gen initiatives
  • Provide advice and insights on issues affecting them and their peers
  • Identify innovative projects and events to support young industry professionals, based on identified areas of strategic interest
  • Supported to share their expertise and passion for Aged Services through industry presentations, articles, interviews and more

This is such an amazing honour, and we look forward to keeping you updated as the adventure unfolds!

Delivering industry news and views

A red heart on a yellow wall proclaims community matters

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti via Unsplash

ExSitu is also making a commitment to connect up the Australian aged care scene in ways large and small via social media. Most Fridays, we put a shout out to various different friends we have encountered in the Australian aged care community. We also include other care-related services such as disability, mental health, end-of-life and general healthcare.

We believe in community. Through bringing people together, we can make light work with many hands actively raising each other up. We designed our social media not to be a continual sell of ExSitu, but hopefully as an oasis where you – the professional in the care industry or the caring person generally – can come to learn about innovations in a variety of industries.

Our aim is to show all kinds of Australians in the care scene and the magic they are doing. As well as to explore ideas as they happen. Shining a light on the care sector is something we believe is sorely missed. We all know the places, faces and ideas that are kicking goals in our respective arenas. But like most scenes, it can be a little siloed at times.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to join us on your preferred platform to share views, ideas, innovations, critical analysis and more. That way, we can create a vibrant, intelligent and interconnected care-based community.

Feel free to join our journey in the following places:

You can catch us on LinkedIn via the official ExSitu page as well as connect with founders April Creed and Rebecca Glover individually.

Maybe you’d love to join us on Facebook via our official ExSitu page. Or if discussing ageing well and choice through values in healthcare in a low pressure group environment is more your thing, feel free to drop in on Project Align.

Maybe you’d love to catch up with the visual journey of ExSitu on Instagram.  We’re only starting to get our feet so we definitely welcome connecting up with other members of the Australian aged care and healthcare community there!

Or if you prefer, you can catch all the news and views from the Australian aged care scene via our blog. We look forward to meeting you.


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